When will my delivery arrive at my home?

If you have paid with PayPal or have chosen the payment method cash on delivery, the delivery time within Germany is about 3-4 working days after receipt of order. With prepayment the dispatch takes place after receipt of payment. From this point on, a delivery time of approx. 3-4 working days within Germany also applies. If you order from abroad with us, it usually takes about 7-9 working days until your parcel reaches you at home.

Is the internet connection to the anny∙x online shop secure?

SSL ("Secure Sockets-Layer", an encryption method) is used for all sensitive information transmitted via the Internet. When transmitting your password via your web browser or when sending sensitive data via forms, SSL protects the connection from changes and unauthorized access. SSL also protects data transmission via mobile devices and is also used to secure credit card or payment transactions on the Internet.

Can I also shop on site at anny∙x?

anny∙x itself does not run a shop. Our products are sold online. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to find out about our products from our dealers and try them out on site. Here http://www.annyx.de/haendler.html you will find a list of all dealers within Germany and the EU who offer our annyx products in their shops, online shops, dog schools etc..

When will new special colours be available?

Never miss a special colour again. For all those who are interested in our special colours, we have set up an e-mail distribution list. Simply write an e-mail to vertrieb@annyx.de. asking to be included in the distribution list. You will always receive information by e-mail as soon as a new special colour is available. For various reasons we no longer publish information about special colours in advance. Please note: Special colours are only available while stocks last. As we offer a wide range of standard colours and the special colours are only intended as a colour change from this range, special colours will not be produced again after a sale.

Is the anny∙x Shop a pure dealer shop?

No! We offer a sale to dealers, as well as directly to the end customer. You can easily register in our online shop or you can also shop with us as a guest. So, have fun browsing :-)

The harness is too tight at the belly, all other measurements fit. What now?

The anny∙x harness fits well in terms of length, but the belly circumference is too small? First of all no reason for restlessness. You have the possibility to adjust our harnesses in the neck and belly area beyond the measurements given in our size table. Simply push the adjustment buckle through the elastic band. So you gain some more cm. So that you can offer your dog an optimal fit, please always make sure that you adjust the harness evenly. If you use this variant, please carry out this procedure on both sides. The rubber bands are used to hold the strap on the upholstery. This variant is only a small tip that could help if it fails due to the belly circumference of the harness. You can find a video instruction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goYeRi3x7Rk

Is there a difference between the Fun and Protect harnesses?

The Fun and Protect harnesses have the same cut. The Fun harnesses consist of a Cordura material, which comes from the motorcycle protective clothing and is therefore highly abrasion-resistant and very durable. The Protect harnesses consist of a polyester fabric. The material comes from the warning protection area and is somewhat more cuddly, but at the same time somewhat more sensitive than the Cordura. For dogs with sensitive fur and sensitive skin, wearing Protect harnesses can be more comfortable because the fabric is softer. The Fun harness, however, also becomes much softer in the course of time.

Is it possible to exchange or return the purchased products?

As a consumer, you can return goods that you do not like or do not like within 14 days. Please make sure that the articles are in new condition. A fitting, as usual in the shop, is no problem. Wearing a harness during a walk is not a fitting! The costs of the return are borne by you (you find further information for this in our revocation instruction https://annyx-shop.de/Widerrufsrecht ). Please frank the package sufficiently. We reserve the right to deduct the costs incurred from your refund in the case of carriage forward shipments. To enable us to process your return as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to complete and enclose the goods return form deposited in the online shop with your parcel. As we unfortunately do not offer a classic exchange, you will have to order new items in our online shop. As soon as we have received and processed your return, we will refund the amount already paid (including the shipping costs of the cheapest shipping method). C.O.D. charges will not be refunded. For this we use the means of payment which you have chosen when placing your order. In the case of prepayment or cash on delivery orders, we ask you to state your bank details with the return so that we can make the appropriate refund. The processing time for returns is currently approx. 5-7 working days.

My desired article is currently not available. How can I find out when it will be available again?

In our online shop you have the possibility to request a notification, which informs you as soon as the desired article is available again. You can select the desired item, scroll down a bit and enter your contact details in the fields provided. Thus you receive a noncommittal message, as soon as the desired article is again available. This does not represent a reservation, order or similar. You can then place an order via our online shop.

Is it possible to have my parcel sent to a parcel station or a post office?

Yes, that is no problem. You can specify a different delivery address when placing your order. If you wish to have your parcel shipped to a parcel station or a post office, please enter the corresponding parcel station or post office with the corresponding number under "Street" when entering the delivery address. Please enter the postal number that you received from the corresponding parcel service in advance under "Address supplement". The address address of the parcel station or post office is not required. Please do not include this address. If the fields are not filled out as indicated, it can lead to problems of the dispatch. The order form clearly shows you how to fill in the corresponding fields.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you would like to complain about one of our articles, please send us an e-mail in advance to info@annyx.de with a corresponding explanation and accompanying photos showing the reason for the complaint. We will then get back to you in order to find a common solution. If you have not purchased the item directly from our online shop, please complain to the retailer with whom you have entered into a corresponding purchase contract.

Can my anny∙x item be repaired?

If your anny∙x article has been damaged, this is no reason to worry. We offer a professional repair service for our customers. Please also send an e-mail in advance with a short explanation, such as corresponding pictures of the affected areas, to info@annyx.de. We will then contact you with an appropriate cost estimate and discuss the further procedure with you.

Can my dog go swimming with the anny∙x harness?

Our harnesses are filled with an air-permeable foam. The entire material naturally absorbs water, but dries very quickly again. Because we do not use nylon, the harness does not warp in size when wet. If you go into salt water with your dog, you should only make sure that the harnesses are washed briefly afterwards, a short hand wash is sufficient. Our harnesses are therefore well suited for small "water rats".

My PayPal payment did not work. What now?

That's no problem. You can simply send the payment manually via PayPal to info@annyx.de (please include the order number). If you do not like this, you can contact us by phone or e-mail at info@annyx.de and we can change the payment method of your order to prepayment. So you can transfer the amount via your bank.

Can I hook the leash on all three available rings of the harness?

No. In principle, we advise against hooking the leash on the ring on the chest or on the ring in the neck. In this position, the harness will warp under pressure, will no longer sit optimally and will exert pressure in the wrong places. These two rings on our harnesses only serve to hold the straps together. Hooking the leash in this area can additionally lead to a higher wear of the webbing. Please use only the line ring at the end of the back web for line guidance.

How do I find the right harness size for my dog?

To find the right size for your dog, it would be a good idea to measure it. Important here are neck circumference, chest circumference and chest bridge length. The weight could also be helpful. Decisive for our harnesses is the length of the chest bridge. This is deliberately cut long in order to offer the dog an optimal fit. Please make sure with the Safety harnesses that the chest bridge does not end at the widest point of the chest, but reaches behind the last rib, so that the dog cannot squirm out of the harness. In the online shop, you will find measuring instructions for the respective products, such as a measurement chart for support. The corresponding tables for all our products can be found here http://www.annyx.de/service.html . If you are unsure, you can send us the determined measurements and we will see which size is suitable for your dog.